Holy Shroud
True Image of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ 
Vintage print. 
He descended first to the underworld...   
The caption cites Ephesians 4 and Colossians 2  but to understand Christ's descent into the underworld in the time between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection and His eternal victory over the power of death, theologians have looked to many passages, among them:1 Peter 3:19-20    1 Peter 4:6    Acts 2: 31   2 Corinthians 2:14
The descent of the Baptized into Christ's own death, their deliverance, and final Resurrection is prefigured

Original copper-plate engraving by Karl Remshardt (1638-1735) from a German Catholic New Testament printed in 1709.
This is a magnificent image depicting the Water of Baptism as the Vine, the very Heart of God, flowing over the soul of the newly Baptized by the power of the Cross.
The young vine shoot bedded in the earth.
Small branch, always remember well
that you are of God,
that you are in God,
and that you are for God.
GRACE OF HOLY BAPTISM   Letaille See John 15:1-5
Note: Holy Saturday is the day when many are baptized into Christ.  At the Easter Vigil service, all  Christians renew their Baptismal Promises.
Lord, open to me the Holy House that your love has prepared for me.

Note: The word bercail means sheepfold, so the meaning is perhaps more intimate, more like home than house; it is referring of course to the Church, the Body of Christ.
I love the card because it recalls the promises in John 10 that Jesus is both the shepherd and the door. He is the true shepherd to whom the doorkeeper opens the door (John 10:3). He is also the door itself (John 10:9).

There is a small printing error in the card ~ ma should have been m'a.
The good thoughts of the newborn soul.
Rafael Tuck
All are Welcome in this Place...Christian Hymn Sung by RICHARD CARNEY Let us build a house where love can dwell And all can safely live, A place where saints and children tell How hearts learn to forgive. Built of hopes and dreams and visions, Rock of faith and vault of grace; Here the love of Christ shall end divisions; Let us build a house where prophets speak, And words are strong and true, Where all God's children dare to seek To dream God's reign anew. Here the cross shall stand as witness And a symbol of God's grace; Here as one we claim the faith of Jesus: Let us build a house where love is found In water, wine and wheat: A banquet hall on holy ground, Where peace and justice meet. Here the love of God, through Jesus, Is revealed in time and space; As we share in Christ the feast that frees us: All are welcome, all are welcome, All are welcome in this place.